25-Oct-2004 - On the 16th the server got a new feature that makes if much more configurable than ever... although still not of great usage for other projects. The server will now look for a file called "script.txt" and if found will use this as a template for the build about to be performed. It checks for the file at the start of every build meaning that changes to the file can be made without needing to restart the server.

However, because the options that are sent from the Applet to the server and the way the server decodes these options is still hardcoded not a lot can be done with this file. The next major stage of development will be that of getting the server and applet to use a standard file with the possible options in so that different projects can be built just by changing the file options. This will have to be tightly intergrated with the XML loading for the applet GUI and at the moment we're not sure what would be the best way to proceed with this.

11-Oct-2004 - This has been sitting waiting to be uploaded since the 7th, sorry :-S

There was a rather big update into CVS last night and a new project added. The big update was the inclusion of a HTTP server that has been added into the main RemoteCVS server, meaning that the completed builds can be hosted from the same place as where they are built without the need for Apache or some other web server to be installed as well.

The server was started after I saw this and how simple it was to make one. From this code I've changed nearly all of it to make it more secure and be able to handle more files (with the ability to add support for any other files you might want to host), run on a port you can choose and many other things. It also automatically produces an index.html file when first run and after a completed build that will list the files (restricted to a set group of choosen file extentions) in the hosting folder and display them in a nicely formatted table. The page is also XHTML Strict and CSS complient. And because it uses a CSS file the colours and logo can be changed to whatever you like.

You can see an example of the produced page here. This will only be up when my RemoteCVS server is up and running, and thus only when I'm online (pratically 24/7). This is new and I'm not too sure how secure it is. Howerver, I'm running it and have had no problems so far. The new project is a stand-alone version of this server. It's not going to be developed as a fully featured HTTP server, it will be molded for RemoteCVS uses.

For the HTTP server there's a new setting the the rcvs.cfg file to enable or disable it and a new config file http.cfg which contains all the other setting for the server. There's probably a lot more that's changed, I just don't remember it so the best bet would to be to look through the CVS changes. 'Til next time - EspadaV8

29-Sep-2004 - There's a new website being developed which is fully XHTML valiadated (or will be when launched). The layout is basicly the same with the same stuff on the site, it's just being updated to comply with the standards. It also uses a bit of PHP, but it doesn't do anything fancy (yet).

There seems to be a little problem with it not being able to find some of the files despite the fact they are there and usually a simple page reload will fix it. If you notice any bugs with it let me know so I can fix them :)

In other news, we've started work on getting an XML GUI loader for the applet added, but neither of us have used the XML classes before or have much time to sit and learn it all in one go so it's probably going to take some time to get started fully and working in even a simple form - EspadaV8

07-Sep-2004 - From a few weeks ago, guru3 started school, and I've recently started a new job, so both of us are currently rather busy with things elsewhere and because of this, we've got very little time to work on RemoteCVS meaning development is going slowly, very slowly. Neither of us have updated anything in about a week and I don't know when we'll be updating things again. I'm hoping to fix a little bug some time soon (the "Cancel this build" button), but after that who knows.

If you do browse through the CVS and see something that need fixing/changing/improving/whatever and feel like doing something about it, feel free to submit it to the patchs section on the SF.net projects page and when one of use gets time to check it over we'll commit it and credit you (so long as it passes quality control :) ). That's all for now - EspadaV8

18-Aug-2004 - Initial launch of RemoteCVS. Development is still going strongly and as of yet the code is pretty much useless unless you want to run a PearPC server/client and are prepared to hardcode some stuff in. However, now we have a working undersystem we're focusing on making it customisable so other projects can take advantage of RemoteCVS.

For now check out the example client and the user/server docs (which are currently written only for the example client), check the code out in CVS and make a patch or two and ofcourse check SourceForge out.